Polishing will keep your basalt looking cleaner for longer.

Basalt is getting popular

Basalt is a volcanic stone that form millions of years ago.  Continuous volcanic eruptions happen, and trapping a large amount of excessive argon gas within the lava flows and surrounding minerals. Therefore this conversion action forming charcoal colour like material. Basalt is very popular today due to its modern decorative colour scheme for bathroom and floor installations..

Sealing and acid etching

As a result, you will find this stone in a variety of tiles for wall and floor installations, and cladding in facade. Like all natural stones, the surface can be prone to acidic etching and staining. Therefore it is important to pre-seal the basalt prior to grouting,.Furthermore cleaning and final sealing to complete the protection.. As time goes by, your stone floor may encountered to liquid spillage from soft drinks and wines etc. These drinks contain acidic materials that will etch the surface of the basalt, leaving white and hazy blemish marking and spots.  In shower recess and bathroom floors, urine and toiletry products can also etched the basalt surface , leaving a white hazy marking that cannot be cleaned off.

Keeping it looking good!

It is interesting to know that these white hazy spots and marking can be rectified by polishing the surface, therefore using different diamond grits in stages of stone polishing, and your floor and wall will be looking like new again.  At The Wow FX, we employ various type of polishing methods, this will rejuvenate your stone floor and wall looking clean, sharp with clarity,. Therefore you can enjoy your investment for many years to come!  If your basalt in your kitchen, bathroom and living areas are running down a bit, why not call us on 0425 266 839 for a quotation today. Our professional polishers will provide you the best way to get the job done properly.

Dull and patchy
Dull and Patchy
Polishing in progress
polished basalt floor
Polished and sealed !
polished basalt floor
Polished and sealed !