Bedonia sandstone is a quartzitic stone that consist less than 5% matrix and around 95% quartz.  When quartz-rich sandstone has been exposed to high temperatures and pressures and Bedonia sandstone is formed.. Such conditions fuse the quartz grains together forming a dense and hard material, and it is ideal to use as bench tops, floor and walls installations. The colour of Bedonia sandstone is grey with fluid patina appearance, this lovely stone is quarried in Italy.  A range of finishes such as honed, flamed, flamed & brushed and sandblasted.

Info on Acidic etching and sealing Bedonia sandstone

As with natural stone, it is prone to acidic etching from wines, soft drinks, lemon juice and salad dressing. In the case of oily food spillage, it’s also prone to staining. Furthermore, it is important to have the stone sealed with a good quality penetrating sealer. We recommend using Aquamix sealer Gold, this will provide good resistance and dwell time against oil penetration. Although penetrating sealer unable to stop acidic etching, it is comforting to know that this stone can be rectified by our special polishing and honing methods, once the process is done it will look stunning like new again.

Cleaning and maintenance

In the case of cleaning and maintenance, you will find the sealed stone is easier to maintain. Simply use a small amount of dish washing detergent, or pH neutral cleaner in a bucket of warm water, and wipe the surface with a micro fibre cloth. For floor areas, use a micro fibre mop and mop the floor with the detergent solution, change a new bucket of water and mop again. This practice will prevent a build up of detergent residue on the surface, and keeping your floor looking new with clarity.

It is interesting to note that a natural stone floor require a bit of TLC now and then to rejuvenate the finish, if you do have a stone bench top or natural stone floor, why not call us on 0425 266 839 for a onsite quotation? We’ll get the job done properly, so you can enjoy this beautiful stone for years to come!


Etched Bedonia sandstone bench top
Bench top with blemished and markings
Etched Bedonia Sandstone benchtop
Blemished and markings


Bedonia Sandstone Honed and sealed
Bedonia Sandstone bench top after honing and sealing
Bedonia Sandstone after honing and sealing
Bedonia Sandstone bench top after honing and sealing


Bedonia Sandstone
Stunning and beautiful Bedonia Sandstone