Honing and sealing Pietra Grey Marble for Hamilton Marino Constructions

Pietra Grey marble has very nice natural characteristics, and many architects nowadays specified this type of marble in many newly built apartments in Sydney. Most type of surface is still in high honed and polished finish, however many these apartments are leased to tenants and not owner occupied, therefore we often seen etched markings in and around showers and toilet bowl areas. This is due to the fact that most tenants and owners have mistaken etched marking as staining, and in the case of everyday usage of toiletry products, etched markings are unavoidable. However there is a better way to reduce such appearance of these markings by knocking down the shine to a low reflective hone finish and seal the stone with a stone enhancer, this will.remove the highly shiny profile and add a richer colour to the stone’s surface, making any future etched marking not so noticeable. In some cases, the stone enhancer also providing a longer dwell time to repel the spills and giving a better chance to mop up before any acidic liquid attacking the stone.


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