Is your Travertine slowly losing its charm?

Travertine tiles are characterised by pitted holes on the surfaces.. The surface’s holes are commonly filled with epoxy or grout whilst some are left unfilled. Depending on the age of the tiles, the surface will slowly deteriorated over time. Furthermore it turned chalky with the harsh weathering conditions. The owner of this house is concerned her tiles near the swimming pool and outdoor areas have deteriorated badly, therefore we advised resurfacing and sealing are required for the tiles to return to yesterday’s glory.

How to avoid opening up more holes in Travertine when subjected to resurfacing?

Travertine is limestone deposited in hot springs.  It is fibrous and concentric in appearance.  A variety of colours such as white, tan, cream, silver and rustic are available  This stone once is ground,  the surface will open up to more holes, therefore the tiles required grouting before further polishing.

Resurfacing and polishing without cutting down the surface using our custom made pads!

We have developed special methods with our custom made resurfacing/polishing pads. The process provide a smooth surface without rigorously cutting back. This eliminate incurring extra costs of re-grouting.  Normal stages of  polishing to 200/400 grits. This will provide a fairly smooth surface without too much shine contrast between the tile and grout materials.

Sealing the surface to achieve the desired colour.

Most travertine tile’s natural colour will return with higher polishing stages. However if the tiles are laid outdoor, the harsh sun and weathering will bleach the natural colour. Therefore by using different types of penetrating sealers, we are able to provide our clients a variety of desired lightly shaded colour to intensified colour enhancing. Please give us a call today and we are more than happy to come onsite for an inspection and to provide you with a written quotation.

Polishing Travertine
Resurfacing and sealing



Pressure cleaning



Pressure cleaning Travertine



Polishing Travertine



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