Specialising in grinding and polishing concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite and various natural stone surfaces. We use either three phase or single phase grinding machines with latest technology for wet and dry polishing and grinding scope of work.

The following are the types of work we provide to our clientsexpander-750

  • Specialising in cleaning, sealing  and colour enhancement of sandblasted and flamed granite surfaces.
  • Resurfacing and leveling old marble floors, and polished to stunning finishes..
  • Exposing aggregates on concrete floors and polishing the concrete surfaces to various finish requirements.
  • Removing worn epoxy coating or floor paint on concrete floors and re coating new epoxy coatings in more than 200 colour selections.
  • Specialising in Antiki and bush hammering (European Antique Finishes) to resurface your granite, basalt, bluestone, marble or limestone floors to R10, R11 or R12 slip rating requirements. We can also organise the resurfaced floor for NATA accredited slip rating testing.
  • Specialising in close quarter grinding and polishing.  Removal of deep scratches and acid etched marks on marble walls and floors in bathrooms.
  • Kroma.jpgCleaning and sealing all types of man-made or natural stone floor tiles.
  • Patching and grouting travetine cavities and sealing.
  • Resurfacing G684 Chinese Basalt  look alike granite polished, sandblasted or Flame finish, sealing with 2 pack epoxy or urethane coatings.
  • Resurfacing deteriorated sandstone capping surfaces due to chlorine and salt attacks, treating with stone consolidating chemicals.




We recommend our clients using AQUAMIX products on all masonry surfaces for trusted performance and longevity.