Honing marble countertop for highly polished factory finish will hide a lot of acidic etch stains and markings, newly factory polished marble countertop was installed at this apartment, however being polished finish, any spillage from wines, soft drinks and acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar etc will etch the polish. Therefore we suggested to the clients to have the marble honed to a very nice low sheen finish and sealed with penetrating sealer. The result is stunning and now any etching marks will be less noticeable whilst providing ease of cleaning and maintenance. Our clients are very happy with the end result!

Honing marble counter top is one of the services that we provide to clients, however we can do the same process for your marble floors , as well as limestone floors. Please contact us on 0425 266 839 if you would like to honed down your marble countetop or similar surfaces.

We use and recommend using Aquamix sealers to seal and prevent staining ans ease of cleaning and maintenance.