I got a call the other day from a mate in the industry that I met on a building site a few months back in Little bay, it was really a surprise that I got a call from him to see if I could help out (in short notice) to rejuvenating a marble bench top in the kitchen area.

Syd was very courteous,  and he was showing me the work to be done, anyway this place looked very exclusive and impressive to say the least, I felt I was in a movie set for a moment of time as I was  looking at the awesome Sydney water view and admiring the K. Kawai Grand Piano sitting in the dinning room.

Anyway …….I honed the marble top and sealed it…here are the photos.:

Before ……..



IMG_6857    IMG_6859IMG_6860IMG_6857   IMG_6858

After …….

IMG_6868.JPG  IMG_6874