Why you need a good concreter that know about laying polished concrete? 

I have seen it all, the facts of the matter are once the concrete is set hard, we the grinders/polishers will expose every little mistakes that the concreters leave behind. Boot prints, Screed line markings, Low spots, Edges with no aggregates

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Can youetched-marble DIY fixing acid etching, scratches and dull-spots on marble vanity, counter tops and shower floors?

Limestone, Marble, travertine & onyx stone surfaces are easily prone to etching from soft drinks, wines, fruit juice and similar beverages, this due to the fact that natural stones contain calcium carbonate hence vulnerable to acidic attacks.

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IMG_6832Could you make your Sandstone pavers, walls and pool capping salt and chlorinated proof, and against natural weathering deterioration?

One would think all those chemical reps from various companies can give you a magic pill to fix the stone degradation? The answer is No Period! The strengthening chemical can only slow down the degradation process, however everything degrades with weathering.

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