What to do with a worn out sandstone floor? Resurfacing or Cleaning and sealing?

A clean sandstone floor adds beauty to your house. The new owners of this house in Eastern suburbs in Sydney N.S.W. were not happy with their existing sandstone floor. Therefore they’ve contacted us to see if we can improve the look and changeability. As a closer inspection of their floor, we determined the surface has worn away quite significantly. The previous owner has sealed the floor with an enhancing sealer. The floor was looking very old  and yellow, and it also hard to clean and to maintain.

Resurfacing flat to the grout-lines for a smooth level finish!

After discussion we advised the new owners to resurface and level the floor to the grout joints. Furthermore polish up to a hone finish, and seal the floor with Aquamix Gold penetrating sealer. Therefore the end result is stunning and the owners were over the moon.  This new levelled floor provides ease of cleaning and maintenance!

Experience in grinding counts and custom made media to achieve exceptional results.

Sandstone honing and polishing can be tricky if the tradie is not experience with grinding. We are very experience in levelling stone floors to the grout lines hence enable for a flat smooth surface.  The final polishing stages can be chosen by the new owners. Whether to 400 or 800 grits honing, or 3000 grits and beyond for tighter polishing finishes.  These are all achievable with our machines and special custom made polishing media.

Use reputable sealer products to achieve long lasting protection and ease of maintenance.

Sealing the sandstone with a good quality sealer is a must for any floor sealing, we used several water based and solvent based penetrating sealers to achieve oil and stain repellent hence keeping the floor looking cleaner for longer.  in the case of stone natural colour intensifying, we also use several reputable products for achieving these results.


Grinding sandstone flat to groutlines and honing to a beautiful smooth finish
Resurfacing sandstone
After resurfacing and sealing, the floor is easy to clean and to maintain
After grinding, honing and sealing
Aquamix Sealer Choice Gold, a trusted brand for floor care professionals.
Sealing with Aquamix Gold sealer
The final coats for a job well done!
Sealing a few more coats
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