Find a solution in rectifying weak and deteriorated sandstone capping can be very challenging, this is a problem with many salted and chlorinated swimming pools, my builder friend Steve has these sandstone capping installed in his swimming pool for past few years, it is only recently that he noticed they have weaken to a point that were intolerable. Steve cannot pin point if swapping from using chlorine to pool salt has caused the problem. I was asked to see if I could resurface these weak and deteriorated capping back to original condition, and to see if there are options to strengthen these sandstone against degradation.

I suggested to Steve we should remove these capping and pressure wash them, and allow them to dry for a few days. We then check with moisture meter to see if they were dry enough for dipping in bath of stone strengthener chemical. Allow the capping to cure under roof for 30 days, then six sides pre-sealing and re installed them to their original position. Grout and final seal for stain protection.

We use and recommend sealing your consolidated sandstone using Aquamix Sealers.

Steve’s sandstone consolidation part 2

Here are some photos during the rectification process.

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