Cleaning and sealing travertine

Travertine clean and seal at Export House on Pitt St. in Sydney.  Newly travertine tiles installed in the foyer, we were asked to provide cleaning and sealing to the slabs and tiles.

Info about travertine clean and seal:

Travertine is basically a limestone deposited in mineral hot springs. The material can be found in white , tan , cream and rusty colours with fibrous or concentric appearance. Formation process of Rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate at the opening of hot springs and caves, hence the material is visibly porous with cavities. They come in a variety of filled and unfilled finishes. This including polished, honed, brushed, saw cut, and tumbled. The material is suitable for wall and floor installations. There are also differences of hardness in Travertine from different parts of the world, therefore it is best to consult your supplier for the right product to use in your project.

Polishing, honing and sealing 

You can find travertine are mostly used indoor areas, kitchen and bathroom flooring, some outdoors areas like patio ass well as bench tops.  In hotel and foyer’s wall and facade.

Travertine tiles are used indoors for bathroom flooring, but they can also be used in kitchens, outdoor spaces, and to decorate walls, ceilings, and countertops. As far as polishing and honing concern, some factory finish tiles may be rough and under polished, if you do find such batches of tiles? We can actually assist you in polishing them up or honing them down to a smooth ans silky finishes. For outdoor area and around swimming pool, if you do find some tiles are slippery when wet, we can also resurface them to a lower grit thus providing more slip resistance.

As far as sealing travertine tiles, we can apply penetrating sealer such as Aquamix Sealer Gold to make your cleaning and maintenance easier. In the case of un filled travertine, we also provide grouting service to fill these cavities and then honing or polishing to your desired finish. If you would like to know more , please contact us on 0425 266 839 for an onsite quotation.



Travertine clean and seal
Travertine Floor clean and seal



Clean and seal Travertine floor in Foyer