Epoxy floor vs Tiling?

Concrete floor prep & epoxy coatings will make your floor look awesome! Our builder friends have asked us to rejuvenate an old concrete garage floor for one of their clients in Elizabeth Bay. We suggested to grind and level the floor and patch the cavities, and finally coat the floor with Parchem High Quality Epoxy coating. Within a few days and after much efforts, we have provided a stunning epoxy floor for the owner to house his pride and joy vehicles. George the owner was very happy with the result, and his neighbours were also admiring the makeover as well..

Concrete floor prep & epoxy coatings

If you have an old concrete garage floor and do not want tiling as a floor covering, why not call us on 0425 266 839? We can advice you the number of options available on different types of epoxy coatings. Whether you need a high gloss, low sheen or anti-slip grit epoxy coating in wet areas, you have many option and colours available thus making your floor look sensational.

It is interesting to know that epoxy coating can be used in other areas such as storage rooms, corridor, toilets etc.  in the case of ramps and loading dock, there are different grits that can be incorporated into the epoxy coating for a non-slip surface.  We applied three coats in all our jobs to ensure that you have a very robust floor that will last for years. There are more than 50 colours to choose from and usually a typical garage will take 3 to 4 days to complete. If you own a sport car, epoxy floor will really add another dimension to your setting!