After the initial resurfacing  all the sandstone capping, we were indecisive whether to remove all the sandstone capping  for dipping with stone strengthening chemicals, or simply apply the chemicals onto the surface wet on wet. However after lengthy decisions with my long time friend Cj Strine from, and Steve the builder, Steve has decided to bite the bullet and remove all the capping for six sides dipping. Although there was a lot of work in front of us, I am glad that Steve has the vision of doing a job properly from A to Z to achieve solid result.

We use angle grinders to cut out the grout joints and slowly removing every capping, and of course there were a couple of larger capping that are cracked from the process, and needed to be replaced with new ones, overall it was a good result.

To cover all our bases, Steve also waterproof the base slab to stop any potential moisture from migrating to the body of the capping once we re-installed them. Steve was very switch on about the moisture migration issue.

After the capping were placed under the roof to air dried for a period of two and half weeks, at the same time Steve has acquired a bathtub for the dipping process. After a couple of weeks went by, it was time to dip each individual stone into the stone strengthener chemical, and yes… it was a lot of lifting, thankfully Steve’s apprentice Liam was here to help to get things moving.  I must admit we needed a lot of patience as each stone was soak for 5 minutes before being lift up for drying, and then stacking.

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Now we have to wait for another 30 days for the consolidation process to complete before we could install them back to the original place. Meanwhile, please do come back and visit our site as we update with more photos of the final installation, grouting, cleaning and sealing.