Grout Haze Removal is one of our special services to the construction industry.

Nowadays, textured and natural finish porcelain tiles are very popular installation in commercial and domestic buildings, this is due to the fact that these tiles meet  R10, R11 and R12 slip rating requirements for council and building approvals, however texture tiles are instilled with thousands of micro-pores on the surface structure thus easily trapping acrylic based grout during the grouting cycle.

Most of today’s grout are formulated with acrylic resins thus improving stain and mould resistance, however once the grout is dried and cured, the hazy look on the tile’s surface remain and it is difficult to clean up to a satisfactory level thus resulted to a haziness appearance. The hazy look is most apparent on grey and dark coloured textured tiles.

We were invited to solve this hazy problem in Brighton Retirement Village, as we have developed special chemical formula and cleaning techniques that have successfully removing these acrylic grout haze on many different types of textured porcelain tiles, therefore the management of The Brighton were very happy with the end result!

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