Travertine cleaning sealing polishing

Want to improve your new and existing travertine floor?

Travertine cleaning, Sealing and Polishing is the key to a successful outcome. Travertine is a material that requires cleaning, sealing and polishing, therefore it is important to get a professional with equipment to do the job right for you. Getting down on your hands and knees is hard work and back breaking. For better results call us for an onsite quotation, we will advice the best way getting it done properly.

Why is my newly laid travetine floor look hazy and patchy?

This is one of the main concerns from owners of newly laid travertine floor, there are various reasons for the haze and patchiness. However the most likely cause are after grouting and cleaning, the sponging of the tiles is poorly done. Leaving the grout residue drying on the tiles and pores. A day later the grout has all dried up, and the grout haze remains on the travertine surface.

Cleaning grout haze can be a pain to do?

Yes and No. Depending how long the grout is left on the surface and the type of grout being used.  Some grouts have anti-mould, acrylic and water repellent additives once dried and cured, the grout is hard to clean off with just elbow grease and detergent cleaners. This is why we use scrubbing machines with detergent cleaners to clean off these grout residue completely, leaving the floor clean with clarity for sealing.

Why is my travertine floor looks partly under polished ?

From our experience, we have came across with tiles from the factory that look under polished, even various cycles of cleaning, the floor still looked very patchy and unsavoury. Therefore the next step we advise our clients is to have the floor polished up with various stages of diamond pads. This process will make your travertine floor looked uniformly and ready for sealing.

Is there any benefit sealing my travertine floor?

Applying a good quality penetrating sealer will provide good stain repellent and ease of cleaning and maintenance. We recommend and use Aquamix penetrating sealer for longevity of protection against oil and food spillage.


Travertine cleaning sealing and polishing.




Travertine stairs sealing
Travertine stairs cleaning and sealing
Cleaning and sealing
Cleaning and sealing
sealing travertine floor
Sealing travertine floor
Polishing travertine floor
Polishing travertine floor

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